kino dino

this isn’t going to make any sense to anyone but me and YQ – what we did in kino

  • the baby petting dino (!!!)
  • understanding assholes, a book; passive aggressive page 198/189
  • the profound use of the word ‘I’ by assholes
  • emotional pain of hardcover books
  • harry potter books are very aesthetic, beneath and within.
  • the book of politics
  • africa’s worth
  • the shared wish to want to set up a tent and never leave
  • wanting to read the entire history section one day (or at least start somewhere although one of us doesn’t take history)
  • the truth of trump, and trump’s book where we saw the word ‘I’ every other line
  • pusheen is twenty dollars. TWENTY DOLLARS :<
  • (yq’ recommended author)


it was nice not to have the minutemen breathing down my neck for those forty minutes.



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