let me get this out lol


unlike everyone else im not blessed with the talent of being able to quickly capture my thoughts into short, sweet, stunning sentences or structures; my thoughts are scattered and they disappear as quickly as i think of them my mind is like a bullet train just like how i speak i forget quickly faster than a goldfish but maybe thats a good thing too but not everything flees so- and here we go again i lost my train of thought is that even okay the lack of punctuation my fingers are like me we’re flying flying across the keyboard flying across my mind its more than an ocean its deeper than the pits of the mariana trench slightly more than eleven kilometres under sea level hey there geography im glad i remembered you useless fact but im glad still im glad i remember its a start its- i dont know my mind just changed directions and we’re again on a new thought track

i remember again what this was for four minutes ago this decision to start typing or flying whatever floats my boat speaking of which i really want a sprite float but that is besides the point the point is i hate this i dont like having scattered thoughts i absolutely hate this why do my good ideas have to come and go so quickly no wait slow down i cant catch up and im hyperventilating and i dont know i want to get this all out i am not making any sense i want to type this but my mind just went empty why am i telling you this stop trying to justify yourself me you need to stop ok red light red light emergency brake BREATHE. 

thats right deep breathing count to ten great job me i can hear your heart (by the way maybe i should give it a name i think my heart would like that) tapping out a thank you in body code ok me back to the post uh


this is my mind as far as i can imagine guess remember its always been fast quick jumpy STOP SYNONYM-ING um i dont stop thinking always often never but of course sometimes its empty and thats also become apparent lately but that’s a story for another day its been ten minutes me oh my god how does one learn to be concise about things- AHHHHHHH ok FOCUS you have 3% left on this annoying computer the charger’s halfway across the house im not walking there no 

i like my mind being relaxed-empty but lately its been empty-empty yesterday was a great relaxed-empty mind (s/o to YQ) and i started to worry about it turning into empty-empty again until this happened my mind is buzzing again its so fast im not used to this

but i think i like this. (for now)




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