37 days

I only have about five minutes so I’ll keep this very short.

I’ve been feeling awful, and there’s a lot of self-loathing and sick irony going on now in my academic life and I really wish I could shut down and talk more to power up but I won’t.

This is supposed to be short after all.

Nodding, I want to (not proudly but) say that the reality of Os finally hit me sometime yesterday morning and I did have a rather productive math/science day (something I swore I never would).

I’m rather thankful that I’ve finally woken up, no matter how late it is- there is still a terrifyingly short 37 days but it is still time.

Its time to change.

And god, that F9 in physics, horrendous chemistry paper one, and my first ever shocking overall (near) pass in malay (well yours truly did get a 66% in comprehension SAY WHAT (i know!) ) really woke me up today.

I’m afraid of what’s to come.

help me

Its day two, and I’m (a tad, just a tad) proud that I am on the road to productive revision.




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