bucket list: bungee jumping

Deal breakers don’t always end up as windfalls.

More often than not, the cards up their sleeves lead us to some form of tragic demise, towards our doom, and our downfall.

Still, life isn’t all that sad – we do sometimes get what we wish for.


In ‘instill fear not faith’, I pleaded for a wake up call or some sort of blessing to let me realise the pain of disappointment again (little monster’s numbed all my receptors) so the right kind of fear would be instilled in me again; to push me back into the right direction and try to catch up with everyone far ahead of me.

Strangely, that very afternoon I got what I wished for- the number 22 won’t ever seem quite the same again.

Failing, falling – both meaning plummeting downwards.

Its scary to only have a cord tying both your feet together; to fall freely downwards possibly towards one’s death; no strings attached. Failing here would seem like a much easier option, but I can’t live with the guilt of having had the chance to do better.

And this is why I want to bungee jump.

take 22 leaps of faith


4 thoughts on “bucket list: bungee jumping

  1. Shifu pls reply me pls tell me how to contact you from now on and DYOU WANNA GO XY TMR WITH ME IM A LONELY SOUL AND IM SORRY I COULDNT FIND YOU TO RETURN YOUR PAPER so if you want to see it again very soon then i suggest you come and see me. Love ya


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