macabre fairytales

The bogeyman lies under my bed
(I can’t)
chase him away I cried
for you to turn on the lights
and you accede to my request.

Tell me a story.

You whisper tales
of fire breathing dragons poisoned apples
brave knights and evil stepmothers
with happy endings
as I dozed off into Dreamland
with fairy wings and Peter Pan.

But yet, as I approach
(I can)
this cruel world yet again;
Disneyland’s long lost evil twin
reunites with the wolves and witches
forging swords that
run through my mind.

I can’t
deal with these monsters
anymore and I
jolt awake
this living nightmare
under my beating bed.

Salty rivulets etch
deep grooves on my face,
and collected on my pillow,
are the marks
of the battles
fought in darkness
I face every midnight.

had happy endings for us
to drift off to sleep;
but I awaken to the Grimm Brothers’
Once Upon A Time,
waiting for —

The End.

written august 2015


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