A 2 good enough

I can’t wash the sour, bitter, nasty taste of disappointment out of my mouth.

(well, not quite. disappointment however seems to be reigning so)

I understand the reasoning behind taking my credit out, I respect that. I admire your integrity and I too, will uphold mine. Like I did this afternoon, twice – though deep down inside, I still couldn’t bear to.

Just a tinge.

I’m sure with time, the gap will close, just like how the deleted entries will go.

A2 isn’t good enough- missing A 1 by 1 doesn’t make things any better.

Isn’t an A an A?

True, they too yield the same bonus 2 but being the even against all odds, what a shame.

I’m crawling to my destination and I’m at the front of the 47000 pack, am I leading them?


But not quite.

Maybe this is what regret feels like.

ahh i don’t know what i’m writing im sad sad sad (disappointment/regret???)
😦 what if this affects my first and only draft of plans for what’s to come


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