take two

(wanted to write about you, capturing every second into streaming sentences but felt it wouldn’t have turned out the way i wanted to, so we’ll save that for my last goodbye – here’s this instead)

almost nearly Kind of bumped into you today; pink faced because I was running late.

It’s quite strange how I keep thinking I’m ok and you’re ok but the double glances told me otherwise. It was incredibly stupid of me to stop in the middle of my tracks, turn around and walk away whilst my heart restarted – I’d never imagined that I would have reacted like this; yet in retrospect this was the best decision I could have made for you would have taken a third glance and recognised me.

You look well, and that makes me glad. I hope I get to see you stay this way, even if I never see you again.

anyway things to smile about from today: hilarious hazelnut and library kid seats with G


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