I’ve been wanting to confront myself on this for the longest time, and after a day of cozing up in bed with copious cups of tea and binge reading a series of books that I’ve forgotten about, I think I’m ready to talk about this and move on.

I’ve been in quite a ‘lost’ (say floaty dreamy mind clouded by medication, blame the weather) mood lately and dodie’s video really helped to ground me, to bring me back to what I am and should be doing.

Its been a year since you pushed me away for my own good, on a plane for a match you couldn’t play, leaving me hurt and confused in the months to come.

Today, I’m ready to talk about it.

right and um im a bit guilty i’ve only read the study guides once and i dont know anything for unas hahaha CRIES but alright tomorrow’s a new day, i will get started on things. i can do this.

oh. and i unfollowed D on social media, as dodie suggested. all, except one.
and if i may say… i feel pretty good :”)



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