sound of your heart

a passionate heartthumping cover, and words i wrote while listening to them the second time round — was too enthralled during the first.

oh god this cover makes me want to throw my head around madly, and have some jazzy nods as the strings are being plucked dayum.

‘and i heard you found somebody else’.

in the next two minutes i will attempt to un-poetically explain this statement and its meaning to me. instead of studying burma, which should have been done two months ago. oops.


it does hurt when you say you found someone else,and i see you turn into that vulnerable boy again, from the gentleman you’ve always been. somehow i associate you whenever lazy sunlight filters in through the curtains, the soft light the camera id die to have would die too, id go crazy trying to make do with what i have – cracked lenses on a subpar gadget. its SO pretty just like your eyes – i told you that day your eyes were cool and really really brown amberish and you laughed saying it wasnt anything but that. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN YOUR EYES THEY ARE SO BRILLIANTLY BROWN.

ok i dont know what im saying hahaha point is im glad i felt upset then, and that im mostly over it now. if you’re happy that’s all that matters really, though i’d get lowkey sad and take all my things away and do without you. you have this  – UGH what do i call it – ability to slip back into my life as if nothing happened, or to come back with some cut corners and a haircut but hey, all’s well we move on we laugh and i dont think thats okay but then again is anything ever ok :^)

im thankful you remain in my life. you’re like a lighthouse, in the end i’d still go back to you. and all of you. even if i drown and wander in the dark ocean of humanity, wading and kicking against the current in the shallow waters. my head is below the surface, the moon’s reflection ripples apart. i heard sounds in my mind sinking below the surface; transcend—–

ok 0 clue what im saying the song changed to green light by lorde im most likely scripting the lyrics i am sorry

back to burma!


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