tiny tumblr nugget in objectivity

from tumblr, doesn’t exactly apply here now today but maybe in the future this shall resonate – till that day, thankful i remain in your eyes

I don’t know.
I don’t know who to tell anymore when I find new music and I don’t know where I’m gonna express how much I love them and who’s gonna agree with me and who I’m gonna listen to it with while I fall asleep and who’s going to hear about my day and my test grades and how long I napped and what I ate for dinner and what movie I watched and the interesting things I learned in class and how much I hate physics and when I didn’t read the assignment for English and how I went to get food with friends instead of jogging laps in gym and how productive I was studying that night and who’s going to listen to me sing my favorite bands and then sing with me and take walks with me in the summer on the most beautiful days and who’s going to do that all and care about it.
I don’t know.


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