petal on love

what is love? when you come to love someone past the teenage thirst, for months and even years on end – and i claim not to be all knowing – love becomes a very different thing. love is about doing, saying silly things – when did your heart go missing? – it’s about being yourself finding the good and bliss but it’s also so much more. it’s jealousy that creeps in at night, the vulnerability of imperfection, the solitude of me time, learning values like kindness, respect and also honesty. it’s all forgotten love in that of fights, no matter how petty but we get closer – one more day isn’t enough. i cannot say i remember everything, but ive learnt so so so much from months of loving, having to learn how to understand, to love someone in a different way, and i may be wrong, but the biggest takeaway and the greatest kind of love, no matter how careless or painful – is being happy for them, and there for them, from afar, up close. it’s worth everything, to know that you’ve made that difference for them anyway, felt or not. but see, love isn’t just all about this – it always changes, it’s much much more than these words, of hands on backs, trashy spotify playlists, raw vulnerability of pasts and conversations- it is what makes me less insane and for that i am thankful


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