i dont even know when i wrote this

UNCOHERENT its not even art or anything my notes say: too many half thoughts i need to throw whatever halves i get down (end 2016)

its not midnight but paint samples call it midnight blue


i like it when they sky is dark without a hint of light, it seems to be illuminative on its own its pitch black navy with so much depth its so pretty

no camera or words can fully capture the visual image of this shade of blue black and its depth its really one of my fav shades

some call this midnight blue but i disagree

this is the colour of grey blue and black and luminous elements or whatever the artists call it its one look to see the vastness of all its arms embracing the night

what a lovely backdrop to set amongst the shining dark city lights where i can never see the sea or the sun set this is the shade of night that i cant see the stars but its the one where i can see myself


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