the moment

we’re maturing slowly and i dont need to see you everyday now to feel like youre a part of my life and for that i smile

sometimes you look sad and i wish i could comfort you i hate seeing my friends sad

i cant get your drive but i get it

i do i do i do

not for the same or right reasons – but i know why you’re fighting so hard to go overseas; i miss fighting my own battles with painful anger i wish you would let me in i wish you would let me in your head in your heart i wish i wish i wish you would let me give you a hug i wish you could let me know i wish you knew we’re all in this together and that i love you so much (as friends, whatever beyond shan’t be explained)

and im so proud to be your friend – that day when the officers walked up to you even after you left; to talk to you about you

but also when you spoke to them, political answers aside, the way you carried yourself and the way we all detected how you actually meant what you said ——–

and that was the moment i knew


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