??? @ uni

sick sick sick

its sick how i cant care any less now that im in college, that i start to see the emerging pattern – i dont do well for the only subject you care about, then you decide to go all caring-possessive-micromanaging-nagging-thatidonthaveafuture- on me,

i get it.

im not worth your thousand dollars to go to university, i know that money’s only been kept for my brother all along.

and that’s fine (still hurts but) so since you arent paying for college and you dont think i can make it to uni

everything in my primary years aside, i think i’ve sufficiently proven myself with my scholarship that ive still managed to keep thus far – all made by my hands, my efforts and 0 contribution on your part; you never cared about the arts anyway.

where is the respect and acceptance?

lol this is exactly what drove me insane over the past 2 years maybe thats why i yearned so greatly to escape overseas – i do now, but locally is what i know ill be able to afford – only if i do only if i can

i want my drive back

and i want a hug from a loved one that isnt anyone in my biological family – any other one would do.


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