about me

not really a collection of (maybe hoarding) my thoughts, emotions and reflections or things that i want to remember because they’ve shaped me somehow!!

you might ask these questions:
(your life is different now with this knowledge!!)

  1. what’s ‘hiraethpride’?its a place for me to safely talk about what goes on in my mind, allowing me to stay grounded
  2. why ‘lostagainfound’?i like oxymorons a lot but when created this i couldn’t think of any oops so with the help of a friend who suggested ‘lost and found’ (which was taken :<) this was born!!

    ‘lost’: i lose things very easily and very often (hence the again)
    ‘found’: things that i want to (re)discover or find for myself about myself (and the world at large too)
    together they form what i want to achieve through my scribbles (i think)

  3. why do you use brackets so much?habit. also, they help me make things more informal or help me remember a drifting thought/give context/explain things further!!